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The Athame is a knife-like tool used to channel energy and casting the circle.  Traditionally, an Athame would be black handled, though many other styles are used according to personal preference. Generally an Athame is not used to cut anything material.  It symbolizes the Fire or Air elements which varies according to tradition.

A ShadowSmith Athame is truly something special.  Each athame is handmade, starting with making the blade, and then continuing through the creation of handcrafted grip, pommel, quillions, and scabbard, each element worked with magickal symbols and intent.  As a result, each athame is a one-of-a-kind work of art, suitable for reverent use or display with your greatest treasures.

This gallery is under construction, and new product pages are being added regularly, so check back often to see what's new!

These athames are for those who find value in the workmanship of the MasterCraftsman.
If you are looking for a simpler or more affordable athame, click here to browse the selection available in our Ritual Tools Gallery.
Remember, the tools do not define the witch; your choice should be guided by the tools you are called to work with.

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The Realm of White Magic accepts no responsibility for misuse of these or any religious artifacts.

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This gallery is currently under construction - check back regularly to view the latest Ritual Treasures from MasterCraftsman ShadowSmith!  New athames, boxes, and jewellery are constantly being added, to bring you the complete ShadowSmith collection.

A ShadowSmith Original - runic lightning bolt logo

Each item crafted by ShadowSmith bears the mark of the artist - a Runic "s" Lightning bolt.
Only a ShadowSmith original bears this symbol.

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