Simple Spells made to traditional folklore herbal recipes used throughout the ages to attract certain conditions.


Everything you need is included in each Mini Spell Kit
with simple instructions.

With these Mini Spells, visualise your desired outcome and release the power from within to help achieve your goals. These simple magical spells could be a different approach to a situation and make great gifts.

For the novice, these spells are perfect and very uncomplicated! For the experienced, use these spells as a base to build your ritual around. Add your preferred oils, candles, powders or incense to increase the power and purpose of the desired outcome in any magickal workings.

Attract Good Luck and Money - $7.95 (Code:HH/AGL) Click to Order
Attract Business  - $5.95 (Code:HH/AB) Click to Order
Attract Customers - $6.95 (Code:HH/AC) Click to Order
Attract A Man  - $7.95 (Code:HH/AM) Click to Order
Attract A Woman  - $7.95 (Code:HH/AW) Click to Order
Blissful Relationships  - $7.95 (Code:HH/BR) Click to Order
Bring Back A Lost Love - $6.95 (Code:HH/BBL) Click to Order
Dispel Negative Energies  - $5.95 (Code:HH/DNE) Click to Order
Develop Psychic & Mystic Gifts - $7.95 (Code:HH/DMG) Click to Order
Empower & Purify Tarot Cards & Runes - $5.95 (Code:HH/ETC) Click to Order
Entice Love - $6.95 (Code:HH/EL) Click to Order
Gambler's Luck - $7.95 (Code:HH/GL) Click to Order
Psychic Protection - $7.95 (Code:HH/PSP) Click to Order
Protect The Traveller - $7.95 (Code:HH/PTT) Click to Order
Protect The Home - $7.95 (Code:HH/PH) Click to Order
Peace & Protection - $5.95 (Code:HH/PP) Click to Order
Soothe & Settle Tensions - $7.95 (Code:HH/SST) Click to Order
Sensational Sex - $7.95 (Code:HH/SS) Click to Order
Success  - $7.95 (Code:HH/S) Click to Order
Ward Off Misfortune - $7.95 (Code:HH/WM) Click to Order
Win A Court Case - $7.95 (Code:HH/WCC) Click to Order


Here is a small selection of the spells available from The Realm Of White Magic.

Please Email for a spell that is not listed here. We may be able to help.
Have you seen our Free Spells page?

At The Realm Of White Magic, we do not make
spells for negative or evil intent.

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