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The Realm of White Magic proud to support this Tour
Farrar and Bone Touring in 2004 !

A Journey Through The Elements
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"Filmed entirely in Ireland, mystical land of ancient stone circles and of Faeire, this new video weaves all the power of that magical land into a story of one young woman's spiritual journey. Seeking a religion that speaks to her on a personal level, this journey leads her-and us-to the door of Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone (see who are Janet, Stewart & Gavin ). Here she is introduced to the religion of Witchcraft (Wicca)." -- The Witches Voice (website)

Join the authors of Eight Sabbats for Witches, The Witches’ Way, The Witches’ Bible and many other highly regarded books on modern Wicca, as they explain to a new initiate what Witchcraft is, what it means to be a Witch, and demonstrate the inner workings of the Craft in a series of practical lessons and rituals.

Contents include:

  • The origins of modern Wicca
  • What witches believe
  • Scrying and divination
  • Witchcraft and healing
  • Traditional herbal lore
  • The tools of witchcraft
  • The meaning of ritual
  • The meaning and symbolism of the Elements
  • Earth energy and places of power
  • Invocation of the Goddess
Produced to professional standards, it follows the studies of a new initiate to the Craft, as she begins her exploration of the four mystical elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire and the inner, spiritual, realities they represent. For the very first time, you can accompany a new student of Wicca as Janet, Stewart and Gavin explain the symbolism and use of the Witches’ magical tools, the pentacle, cup, wand, athame and sword, and join her as she learns to work with Earth Energies by dowsing and meditation at ancient Places of Power.

Running time : approx. 87 minutes
$39.95 plus postage (Australian Orders)
$36.32 plus postage (International Orders exclude GST)

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Front cover painting by Thorn


The Realm of White Magic proud to support this Tour
Farrar and Bone Touring in 2004 !

The Mysteries
© Sothis*Films

" If nothing else, this is a visual record of part of our history. Each facet contributes to the whole. Each part of a diamond is made up of facets, they are interconnected and cannot exist without each other. .... Recommended for all. Useful as a training tool and for those without a teacher. Do not expect a cookbook, that this is not. It is a discovery of our journey through the Craft. We eagerly await to see the journey continue." -- The Witches Voice (website)

The Mysteries, the second video in the Discovering Witchcraft Series, greatly expands upon the Inner Workings of ritual within a Wiccan context, and world-famous Witches Janet and Stewart Farrar, and Gavin Bone disclose in detail information gained in a several lifetimes of the practice of the Wiccan Priesthood.

Contents include:

  • The Pagan/Wiccan Priesthood
  • Masculine-Feminine Polarity
  • Mysteries of Birth and Re-birth
  • The Coven
  • The Meaning of Magic
  • The Book of Shadows
  • The Burning Times
  • Persecution and Secrecy
  • The Circle
  • Drawing Down the Moon

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What are the Mysteries? The Mysteries are the unending cycle of birth and re-birth, the descent into darkness and return into light, Persephone and Demeter and the Dark Lord of the Underworld ... In The Mysteries, Janet Farrar, Gavin Bone and Stewart Farrar (see
who are Janet, Stewart & Gavin ) explain how the re-enactment of myth can serve to illustrate psychological and psychic inner realities, and demonstrate the use of myths and symbols in a ritual setting. The purpose of the Witch's Book of Shadows is discussed in depth, and the historical origins of the book are also described. This film also reveals, for the first time ever, a remarkable technique used by High Priestesses to facilitate the union with the Goddess during the "Drawing Down The Moon" ritual.

Running time approx. 60 minutes
$39.95 plus postage (Australian Orders)
$36.32 plus postage (International Orders exclude GST)

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