Papa Jo New Orleans Incense Prayer Powder Kits Title
$12.50 per kit (AUD)

A Successful Outcome Through The Power Of Prayer.
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Papa Jo New Orleans Incense Prayer Powder Kit with affirmation and scroll

Each kit contains:
  • 60ml Glass Jar of Incense Prayer Powder
  • Sacred Talismanic Seal on Parchment
  • Special Prayer for Empowerment
  • A Scroll with Full Instructions
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    Papa Jo New Orleans Incense Prayer Powder Kit with affirmation and scrollblank gif blank gif
    Special powders made in the true tradition of New Orleans to attract certain conditions..
    A perfect compliment to enhance Papa Jo's Prayer Oil.

    New Orleans Prayer Powder Kits
    also include special self-igniting incense....
    In trouble? Don't know what to do? This mixture is believed to carry powerful prayer vibrations. Made especially for those in trouble to have their prayers answered, and help them find their way. Code:(PJ/AMP)
    To attract all the good things in life.
    Love, Luck, Money, Friends, Health and Success. Use it daily to gain these blessings and continue using it to protect your gifts. Code:(PJ/FL)
    In A Bind? Need A Hand? Use this mixture to lighten the load. Surround yourself with positive vibrations to get on top of the situation. Very good for help in court. Code:(PJ/HH)
    Attract A Partner or Friend. A special mixture to help draw a partner or friend into your life. Helps to make you feel more desirable and confident when dealing with matters of love and companionship. Code:(PJ/LM)
    Learn to love yourself. Encourages openness, self awareness and confidence. Love yourself so others can love you. Code:(PJ/SL)
    Feeling tormented and surrounded by negativity? Help to disperse negative energies, remove bad luck, hexes, nullify jinxes and repel harmful influences. A powerful mixture for all crossed conditions. Code:(JP/EBG)
    Discouraged, defeated, feel you have failed? St. Michael will help you find the inner strength to overcome obstacles and temptations. Good for quitting bad habits such as smoking, drug or alcohol abuse. Code:(PJ/SM)
    Empowered by the fragrances of the seven Saints. Let the seven Saints empower you to bring to fruition all that you desire. You CAN make it happen. Said to bring good fortune to all who use it. Code:(PJ/7AP)
    Can't decide the best course of action? Can't find a solution to a problem? Gain the wisdom to make the right decision when faced with seeminly insurmountable problems. Code:(PJ/SMW)
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