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  One of the most ancient customs in religious and spiritual practices, is the burning of granular incense.

It has always been believed that to scent the atmosphere with fine, rare and exotic fragrances will attract the Gods, Angels and good spirits. Whatever your spiritual path, there is an appropriate blend for every purpose.

Our granular incense is hand made by The Realm Of White Magic from the finest herbs, gums and resins. Each blend is individually prepared to create the very essence of the qualities their title inspires.

Granular incense is burned by sprinkling small amounts on Incense Charcoal.

Discover How To Burn Granular Incense.

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Church Incense - 20gm Jar - click for detail view Church Incense
A blend of the most precious gums and oils is used to make this very special incense. Used in churches throughout the world for rituals, consecration and purification.
(Code:IG/CH) Click to Order 20gm Jar $10.50  

Herb and Incense Storage Jar with Personal Spoon
Closure: Cork seal
Click to Order or see full range of Empty Bottles, Jars and Accessories.

Attract Money Incense
Burn to attract money, customers and material gain toward you.
(Code:IG/S13) Click to Order 20gms $7.00  

Attract Business Incense
Burn this incense to attract business and customers.
(Code:IG/S33) Click to Order 20gms $7.00  

Dragon's Blood Incense
An extremely rare incense. Burn for Love, Protection and Exorcism potency. Try our Dragons Blood Luxury SOAP.
(Code:IG/S51) Click to Order 20gms $8.95  

Enlightenment Incense
Burn this incense when seeking knowledge and enlightenment.
(Code:IG/S11) Click to Order 20gms $7.00  

Goddess Incense
Designed to create the spiritual essence and atmosphere of womanhood.
(Code:IG/S01) Click to Order 20gms $7.00  

Healing Incense
Burn this incense to assist in both spiritual and physical healing.
(Code:IG/S09) Click to Order 20gms $7.00  

Love Incense
Burn this incense to bring the vibrations of love into your life. Use with Aphrodisia Luxury SOAP.
(Code:IG/S02) Click to Order 20gms $7.00  

Meditation Incense
Light a candle and this incense to gently guide you through your meditation.
(Code:IG/S27) Click to Order 20gms $7.00  

Click for larger view
Musk Incense
A powerful magnetic love fragrance. Burn to heighten desires and passions.
(Code:IG/S32) Click to Order 15gms $5.50

Try our White Musk Luxury SOAP.

Peace & Protection Incense
Burn to attract protective influences and bring peace to a troubled area.
(Code:IG/S15) Click to Order 20gms $7.00  

Purifying Incense
Burn to purify an area and remove troublesome influences.
(Code:IG/S19) Click to Order 20gms $7.00

Patchouly Incense
A deep rich earthy fragrance burned for lust, physical energy and to attract a little money your way.
(Code:IG/S16) Click to Order 20gms $7.00  

Prosperity Incense
Burn this incense to attract riches and prosperity into your life.
(Code:IG/S28) Click to Order 20gms $7.00  

Sandalwood Incense
Sandalwood possesses very high spiritual vibrations. Use for protection, healing, purification and meditation.
(Code:IG/S21) Click to Order 20gms $7.00  

Shaman's Journey Incense
Burn as an aid when entering into a journey on the astral plane and also to enhance visionary experience while meditating. Suitable for shamanic healing.
(Code:IG/S20) Click to Order 20gms $7.00  

Shaman's Spirit Rattle Incense
A special formulation to balance the yin and the yang. This powerful visioning aid helps to enable you to journey out of the worldly realm and into the realm of spirit.
(Code:IG/S18) Click to Order 20gms $7.00  

Success Incense
Burn this incense for a successful outcome to any project.
(Code:IG/S35) Click to Order 20gms $7.00  

 Three Treasures Incense
(Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold)
Burn this incense to enhance any spiritual or psychic experiences.
(Code:IG/S50) Click to Order 20gms $7.60  

To burn the Incenses on this page you will need Charcoal.

If you require only a small amount of incense and a complete Incense Burning Kit, click here.

Need only a Small amount of incense, or would you like to sample some of our granular incense?
See our Mini Granular Incense Kits.

We have not listed all the incenses that we make. If you can not find what you need, please Email with your requirements.  

For more Granular Incense like Frankincense and Myrrh why not have a look at Gums and Resins

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