Bring the Pentagram into Your Life!
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Bring the Pentagram  into Your Life!

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The pentagram is associated with the Earth, and is a powerful symbol all around the world. The Police force uses a stylised pentagram as their shield, as do the Sheriffs in the cowboy movies. Look around, you will be surprised how many times the pentagram appears.

The pentagram stands for the four directions, east, south, west, north and also the center - the self. How do you bring the pentagram into your life so that you live the experience and it becomes more than just a symbol?

The top point of the pentagram is in honour of divinity, the mother Goddess, the father God, and all the variations thereof. This is the time to give honour to those things outside of your physical existence, that light that fills your soul, no matter what the name you give it.

The two sides of the pentagram are associated with the self, this self is the essence and is the same in all living beings: human, animal or mineral. Everyday you should do something just for your self that brings you bliss and is nothing more than a self-possessed act in honour of yourself. If this makes you feel guilty, then balance it by doing something good for another.

The bottom two points are for power and passion. Power comes from within, it is easy to manifest when you have absorbed divinity and your self as something to be honoured, power then manifests naturally. "If you don't want to use this power, then someone else will, because nature likes to fill a void." (Z. Budapest) Power is good for making decisions, for creation and for energy in all projects. Passion is the steam which gives momentum to all the other elements. Passion is what fuels our desire to honour divinity, to honour ourselves and to live rightly in our natural power. "Everything we do needs passion to be done well." (Z. Budapest)

Now that you know how to live the pentagram, there is nothing stopping you. You can bring the pentagram into your life through ritual. Decorate your altar cloth with the colour of the season, remember to honour the turning wheel as part of your life.

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