The Cycle of the Seasons and the Elements
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The Cycle of the Seasons and the Elements

graphic showing the cycle of the Seasons, Elements, and Directions, around the Pentagram - 23085 Bytes

North to West
Element Fire
Colour Red
Enthusiasm, success, freedom - to will
Midsummer Solstice
East to North
Element of Water
Colour Blue
Chaos, intuition, pleasure - to dare
Autumn Equinox
Element of Self
Colour White
Mystery, knowledge, acceptance - to be
Element of Air
Colour Yellow
Beginnings, logic, decision - to know
Spring Equinox
West to South
Element of Earth
Colour Green
Strength, stillness, mystery - to be silent
Midwinter Solstice
South to East

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For an in-depth approach to the
Table of Correspondences,
for both Hemispheres and all locations,

click here to download
corespond.rtf - 85k
an excerpt from a longer work in progress,
by neopagan author "Willow Firesong"
© 2000 All Rights Reserved

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