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Herbs have been used through out the ages for their magical and healing properties. Herbs do indeed contain energies that we can use to improve our lives. Here is a selection of herbs believed in folklore to have magical powers.

They are packaged in a bio-degradable cello bag, together with a label describing some of the uses and powers attributed to the herb according to ancient folklore beliefs. It is said that herbs are best when stored with a crystal so we have included a FREE CRYSTAL with every pack of herbs.

Love, Money, Repel Negativity - it is believed that the bearer of Five Finger Grass will be granted love, money, health, power and wisdom, which is what the five points of the leaves represent. It is also believed to repel any evil or negativity caused by the five fingers of man. Now this herb is quite rare and also known as Cinquefoil herb.
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Lust, Visions, Sensuality, Aphrodisiac - can be smoked in a pipe or drunk as a tea. Damiana is considered to be a potent love herb. It is said to increase sexual energy. It is also burned to promote visions and heighten awareness.
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Tranquillity, Happiness, Weddings - it is believed when Meadowsweet is strewn about the house, it will keep the peace and cheer the heart. It is used in many love spells and is often placed on the altar during weddings to ensure a lasting relationship.
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Animals, Harmony, Beauty, Rest - it is believed that if you hold Catnip in your hand until it is warm, then hold anyone else's hand, they will forever be your friend, as long as you keep the catnip you used in a safe place. When hung over the door it brings great luck. Used in spells to enhance beauty and happiness. Intoxicating for cats, they love it! Creates a psychic bond between you and your cat.
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Dreams, Clairvoyance, Protect, Consecration - it is believed that inhaling the fragrance of Mugwort before going to sleep induces psychic dreams and helps Astral Projection. Drink as a tea twice daily to heighten psychic awareness. The fragrance of Mugwort is said to still the conscious mind and awaken higher consciousness.
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Peace, Sleep, Friendships - it is believed that Passion Flower placed in the home will calm problems and troubles. When carried on the person it is said to attract friends and popularity. Placed below the pillow it is believed to help sleep.
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Money, Fertility, Lust - well known as a love herb and a sexual stimulant. To promote lust, tie patchouli in a muslin cloth and add to bath water. Sprinkle around green candles in money rituals. Add to fertility talismans and incense mixtures for love. Can be burnt on charcoal disks.
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Confidence, Commanding, Strength - it is believed that when carried St. Johns Wort gives a person confidence, strength and the ability to be in command of a situation. Also when placed in a jar and hung by the window it is said to protect against thunderbolts, fire and evil spirits. Placed beneath the pillow it was believed to allow unmarried women to dream of their future husband.
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Purify, Peace, Wealth, Prevent Nightmares - it is believed that if Vervain is buried in the garden the plants will thrive and if placed in the house wealth will flow. It is worn to calm the emotions and drunk as a tea to prevent nightmares.
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Courage, Psychic Powers, Love - it is believed that when you hold Yarrow in your hand, it will stop all fear and grant you courage. It is hung over the bed to ensure a love lasting at least seven years.
Yarrow is carried to bring love and attract friends. It is said to increase psychic powers when drunk as a tea. Also used to exorcise evil and negativity from a person, place or thing.
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Fidelity, Love, Lust - worn to attract the opposite sex. Made as a tea, it is a fine lust potion. Drunk with a loved one, it is said to ensure you will stay together. Srinkle on annointed red candles to empower love spells and add to incense mixtures for matters of love.
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