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How To Be A Real Witch by Deborah Gray

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Deborah Gray - Australia's Real Witch

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How To Be A Real Witch by Deborah Gray
A spellbinding guide to magick and inner power!

Special "Deborah Gray Interview" in WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 22

Jazz Fresh Music CD by Deborah Gray
Listen and select music samples to play online - Get the CD

Spiral Dance Logo - Australias most popular folk rock pagan band.
Visit Spiral Dance - Australia's most popular folk rock pagan band.

Experience the Magick which is Spiral Dance!

Magick Music CD - by Spiral Dance

Discovering Witchcraft Videos Series
"A Journey Through The Elements."
Video One.
By Jannet and Stewart Farrar with Gavin Bone.

"The Mysteries"
Video Two.
By Jannet and Stewart Farrar with Gavin Bone.

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Witchcraft's Special Edition's "Book Of Spells" Volume 2
"Book of Spells" Volume 1

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Use these spells to enrich your life. Just select the spells that you like, enter your email address, press the send button and the spells will be sent straight to you.
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*NEW* Write invisible ink messages and how to read them !
NOTE: Minors may need adult supervision.

Make your wishes come true with these three simple Wishing Spells !
NOTE: Bay Leaves can be found at your local supermarket in the fresh and/or cooking herbs sections. Jars can be bought from bargain stores.

  To Attract Love and Friendship.

  Glamour Spell to change your eye colour. Can be adapted to change other body features such as hair.

  Goddess Novena Prayer
This Novena Prayer has been adapted from one calling upon the Virgin Mary. The purpose is to call upon Goddess to help manifest your desire. Your heart and emotions must be behind the words for this to be guaranteed to work.

 Self Blessing (for Women).
MEN! You can use this as well, just adapt it to your body.

 A Spell For Beauty
This has been requested by many people. Please note that I recommend you have a look at 'Self Blessing' as an alternative. Beautiful words to nurture Goddess within.

 A classic spell to attract  Love into your life.

 A traditional spell to attract Money towards you.

 How To Make Divination Wine.

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Thoughtful visitors sometimes post spells and other very useful information on our Message Board. You too, can check out the many interesting posts that have been left on our Board. While you are there, why not leave a message of your own!

* NEW * - Make A Protection Sachet - see below for the link.

New spells will be added to this section from time to time.
Charms to make and Spells to try, will be added to relevant product pages. I will also link them to this page for your convenience.
Please read on!

More Free information for you to enjoy!

**Instructions on 'How To Make A Protection Sachet' is now available in our Magical Herbs section. You will also find this info in our Magical Powders, Herbs, Roots and Barks section.

**Information about 'The Witch Rosary' can be found in our Mystical Jewellery Pendants page.

**Instructions for a 'Lodestone Good Luck Charm' is available in our Lodestones section.

**'A Guide To Ceromancy' or 'How To Tell Fortunes With Wax' is included in our Natural Candles section.

Click on the relevant links, click the information that you want, send an email and it will be mailed straight to you. Enjoy using this free service with our compliments!

Let me know if there is a product or page where you would like to see more information available. We are building this site based on what YOU want. So feel free - give me your feedback.

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Send an email and please do not suggest any spells for negative or evil intent.

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