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Millenial Gaia

Order Code:  ST/MG

$185 AUD

  • Height: 17.5 cm / 7 inches
  • Weight: 2 Kilo approx.

This 'Sermon in Stone' is an expression of a growing global Earth-based consciousness. Made from polyresin cast, this is a very detailed and unusual piece that would adorn any home or altar.


An accurate planetary globe forming Her pregnant belly, the Millenial Gaia is a meticulously sculpted vision of the living Earth and the interconnectedness
of all Her children.

Millenial Gaia statue cast from polyresin featuring a detailed tapestry of animals in her hair - back view Back View - Millenial Gaia

Featuring an intricate tapestry of animals in the back of Her hair traces the evolution of vertebrate life on the land.


She is the divine centre of our world and radiates an evocative power in our lives.

Millenial Gaia - $185

Bring the presence of Mother Earth into your home. This masterwork by award-winning artist Oberon Zell is his loving tribute to Gaia - the Earth Mother Goddess.

Millenium Gaia statue cast from polyresin featuring detailed etchings - Click for Detail View
Millenial Gaia is a richly detailed sculpture.

Delicate etchings on Her legs depict the evolution of life in the sea.

Click For Detail View

The plant kingdom finds expression in Her leafy hair, the engravings that adorn Her arms, culminating in the majestic redwood forest on the right, and the tropical rain forest on the left.

Her right breast is a cornucopia of nourishing fruits and vegetables and
Her left breast, over Her heart, is the pulsing Moon.

Millenium Gaia statue cast from polyresin featuring detailed etchings - Click For Detail View

This exquisite sculpture is a physical expression of the oneness of all life on Earth and conveys the serene beauty of majesty that is Gaia Herself.

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