Australian Native Smudge Sticks

Australian Native Smudge Stick - Natural “THE SPIRIT OF AUSTRALIA”

Australian Native Smudge Sticks - All Natural
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~ Smudge Stick Ingredients May Include ~
Tea Tree ~ (Purifying, Balance)
Lavender ~ (Calming, Cleansing)
Eucalyptus ~ (Antiseptic, Immune System)

Cypress ~ (Protection, Letting Go)
Rose Leaf Bramble ~ (Healing, Creative)
Grass Tree ~ (Strength, Sacred Masculine)

Throughout history the art of smudging has been used for purifying. These Smudge Sticks were gathered, bound by hand and sun dried naturally, here in Australia.
Approx 20cm in length.

Cleansing Lavender Blend - $11.95 each (Code:H/SMU)

Smudge Mix - Australian
~ Tea Tree ~ Lavender ~ Eucalyptus ~ Cypress ~ Rose Leaf ~ Grass Tree ~ Bracken

(Code: H/SMIX) Smudge Mix - $10.50 per 40gms - Click To Order

This earthy mix features any or all of the ingredients in our Smudge Sticks above!....This loose mixture is all natural - nothing is waisted when making these products. Our Smudge Mix comes in very basic packaging - a cello bag with a hand written label. The texture of our smudge mix will vary and include fine or coarse pieces, sticks, leaves and buds etc. You can crush the mixture yourself for a finer blend too.

Suitable for burning on Charcoal blocks or in a small cauldron for purifying an area. Add this auromatic smudge mixture to incense blends, mojo bags or herbal sachets.

(Code: H/SMIX) Smudge Mix - $10.50 per 40gms - Click To Order

Smudge Aura!

Can You See The
Nature Spirits?

Sweet Grass Braids
Natural Sweet Grass - 50cm braid $24.00 per braid
(Code: H/SGRASS) ~ approx 50cm in length.

Click To Order

Sweet Grass is said to attract positive energies, cleanse the atmosphere and allow relaxation and healing.
The Sweet Grass is woven into a braid or plait and left to dry naturally. To burn as an incense, light one end and gently blow out the flame, allowing the grass to continue to smoulder - slowly releasing the fragrance. Sweet Grass can also be cut and added to incense mixtures.
**Adult Supervision Required

Need a Mortar and Pestle? ~~ Power of the Lodestone

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