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Hand made with artistic patience, these beautifully designed bottles can be used to hold elixirs, lotions, potions, oils and brews.  Each bottle has a decorative cork seal, unique patchwork design and no two are the same.

Small Elixir Bottle (50ml)

$16.95 each

Height - 10.5 cm x 7.5cm Across

Artistically hand decorated bottles for storage of aromatherapy mixes and homemade elixirs.  Cork sealed.


B/E50 - NEW
Small Elixur Bottle covered with patchwork bucskin and decorative cork - Click to view larger image
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Large Witch Bottle (230ml)

$49 each

This large sized Witch Bottle is a an unusual relic, inspired from the 17th century.  Antiqued buckskin set with coffin nails, cloves and/or nasty little eyes to reflect and repel harmful influences (the all seeing, the all knowing eye).  Etched with magickal symbols, each bottle is very individual in design from front to back.  Suitable to hold brews, Mead and large quantities of liquid if desired.  Sealed with decorative cork.  Strictly curio only.


Large Witch Bottle with patchwork buckskin and velvet inlay and sigils - Click to view larger image
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Ye Poison Bottle

$29 each

Height - 18cm

An inspired artifact from the 16th century, Ye Poison Bottle is layden with buckskin and sealed with a studded cork. Suitable to hold charms and spell ingredients.
Strictly a Curio Only.


Posion Bottle with patchwork buckskin covering and decorative cork seal - Click to view larger image
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