Jazz Fresh Music CD

"Still Got a Thing" by Deborah Gray

As seen in Australian Witchcraft magazine, Issue No. 17.
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"Still Got a Thing" by Deborah Gray

$24.95 - 8 songs

"This Jazz Singer brings her tremulous sultry vocals to a pop/soul groove that demands summer radio play" - 3D World Music

A cool mix of soul/jazz/groove beats combined with Deborah Gray's sultry and smooth jazz vocals, innovative and totally fresh.

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"Still Got A Thing"

$24.95 ($AUD)
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CD: Jazz Fresh
Label: Creative Vibes, Australia
Credits: Deborah Gray, vocals, lyrics and music,
Kevin Kehoe keyboards, programming,
John Mackay saxophone,
Peter Bishop trumpet,
Sean Mcbride, piano
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Click to view album back cover graphic full-size!  'fresh sultry beat, classic groove, jazz style of deborah gray is all her own' Click to view insert graphic full-size!  'This Jazz Singer brings her tremulous sultry vocals to a pop/soul groove that demands summer radio play' - 3D World Music

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Deborah Gray Music Play List - Streaming MP3
Still Got A Thing - Title Track 1
A cool mix of soul/jazz/groove beats combined with Deborah Gray's
sultry and smooth jazz vocals, innovative and totally fresh.
28.8k - lo fi play Quick Music Sample
Manhattan - Track 2
Deborah's vocals move like a cat through a hip hop city
scape of modal chords and smoky trumpets.
28.8k - lo fi play Quick Music Sample
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About the Artist

Deborah's musical lineage originates from a long line of talented family musicians, singers and poets.  Her great-great-grandparents were travelling musicians who became stars of 'Vaudeville' and toured the world all through the original Jazz age.

"I’ve grown up listening to music from different cultures and times, but our family's biggest passion was and still is jazz/blues and I was always encouraged to find my own style."

Not content with just re-hashing old classics, Deborah is writing breakthrough originals, which run the gamut of fresh swing tunes through to innovative acid jazz grooves.

Although she has carved out a successful career for herself as a singer and actress in Australia, Deborah moved to New York in 1990 to study music and acting.  She has performed in many of NYC’s top clubs, including The Supper Club, Blue Note, Tatou, Bradley’s, and Maxims, and has worked with some of the brightest young stars in the business - including Roy Hargrove who plays trumpet on two of her neo-classic songs "Feelin’ Fine" and "One Sweet Night", which were written and recorded in Manhattan.

("Feelin’ Fine" has won a bronze medal for Deborah in the International and South Pacific Song Contest, 1998 which has over 70 countries participating, including UK, USA, Australia and Japan)

Soon after returning to Australia in late ’96, Deborah was asked to include two of her self-penned tunes on the soul/groove compilation CD "Undertones Volume3" which has since become one of the country’s best selling Australian acid jazz albums and had the local music press and DJ’s singling out Deborah’s compositions as being two of the most exciting tracks on that highly acclaimed album.  Her all original debut CD "Still Got A Thing" includes some of her New York recordings and new tracks, which were recorded in Australia and feature some of this country’s finest jazz players.

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